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The sustainable
curve of
Made In Italy

A distinctively Italian design blends
beautifully with the use of valuable wood, and
absolutely no trace of iron or plastic.
But it’s the curves that are the real plus.

A single curve of wood,
so straightforward and simple,
and yet so complex to reproduce.
It is here that Flowerssori unites
craftsmanship, Italian design
and patented technology.

Our job is to tackle the complexity
of its production.
Your children’s job is to enjoy
its simplicity.
Simple and precious objects for relaxation,
concentration and learning.

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    Kit Pappa

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    Time to eat and experiment.

    Time to eat and experiment.

    There are few moments in the daily life of a child such as mealtimes. The family meets around the table, the ritual of food takes place and everybody shares the events of their day... How could we not wish to play our part in all this?

    Enter the Flowerssori Kit Pappa, whose name says it all: FeliceMente, which is Italian for Happy Mind… and Happily!

    5 elements of fine porcelain, extremely durable and practical (it goes in the oven, the microwave, the fridge and the dishwasher). 12 fantastic and unusual animal faces to make the experience of food something that children will live with both concentration and serenity.

    Dividing the food by type (pasta, protein, vegetables, fruit, or first course, side dishes and fruit) children will learn to distinguish flavours: an action that they enjoy very much! Have you already discovered that?

    In this way, if the child doesn’t like one type of food, he won’t refuse all his meal but simply leave this particular food aside, and continue eating the rest. Easy, fun and beautiful: FeliceMente!

    A project developed in collaboration with Miriam Gardelli (Isia of Faenza), promoted by Artex (Scenari di Innovazione X). Select the animals and then click on "add to cart" to proceed.
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    Flowerssori Chair (cat. 0)

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    Nature, fluidity of forms and ergonomics.

    This Flowerssori chair has been designed for children between 0 and 3 years old: it has certain qualities that make it truly different from the alternatives on the market. Made exclusively from wood and using formaldehyde-free glue, this chair allows the child to be supported during his first movements. Its curve allows the child to slide down gently, thus gaining the correct posture. The side handles allow the child greater stability, until motion control and balance are not perfected. The Flowerssori chairs perfectly interpret the needs and pedagogical aspects of the Montessori environment, simultaneously producing a contemporary evolution of its design.

    CHAIR CAT 0 made of rotary cut veneered ash wood and beech, class “0” glue, PEFC 99% certification.

    Dimensions: 30cm x 33cm x 43cm. H seat: 21cm


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    Flowerssori Chair (cat. 2)

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    Let’s start thinking again from the children’s point of view!

    Flowerssori chairs have been conceived so as to be light, functional, and beautiful. This is a product authentically made for children, characterized by a delicate and sophisticated design whose uniqueness on the market consists in its not being a simple “scaling down” of furniture designed for adults. It takes 800 kilograms of wood to make the mould of these little chairs and all of the finishings are executed entirely by hand. The special technology that goes into the creation of these objects renders them extremely resistant

    Dimensions: 32cm x 38cm x 62cm. H seat: 31cm


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    Flowerssori Table (cat. 0)

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    A story of life

    Have you ever considered the fact that the first approach of a child to his table is not from above, but from below? Think about how you as a child spent endless mealtimes down there... It was there that you dreamed up worlds and recreated your comfort zone following your imagination. That's why it is so important that this table should be almost more beautiful below than above.

    Here the olive ash wood, rotary cut in a single sheet, leads the child right inside the tree trunk and teaches him how old that object actually, how much history and how much life it brings with itself. A natural education to attention and respect. Without any sharp corners or potential sources of danger.

    Dimensions: 110cm x 60 cm x 40 cm


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    Flowerssori Table (cat. 2)

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    Let’s put nature back where we can feel it with our fingers

    The most distinguishable formal feature in Flowerssori tables is their clear-cut lines and formal simplicity. The beauty of the material, white ash rolled out into a single leaf, is exalted by the shape of the object, allowing light to engrave upon it the sensorial perception of its physical limit. The table is composed of a single element, a perfectly horizontal top which curves inward at its extremities. This becomes a base against which the child’s back may rest if s/he sits at the short side of the table, this bodily contact also favouring a precious encounter with the material substance of the wood.

    Dimensions: 110cm x 60 cm x 53 cm


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    Flowerssori Small Table

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    A modular element that can be placed side by side in a row!

    It takes a mould weighing 800 kilograms to produce contemporarily the seat of a Flowerssori chair and this element; an extremely versatile piece, here shown in its variant as small table. The Flowerssori small table is therefore physically born at the same time as the Flowerssori chair and its peculiarity is that it is a modular element. These tables are shaped so that they may be placed side by side or assembled should the need to augment the children’s work surface arise.

    Dimensions: 37cm x 32cm x 31cm

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    Flowerssori Stool

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    A stool that is also part of bench. Or part of a tunnel. Or a game!

    It takes a mould weighing 800 kilograms to produce contemporarily the seat of a Flowerssori chair and this unique element. Thanks to the way it is moulded it may be placed next to similar elements, thereby forming a bench. Constructed out of a single leaf of olive-coloured rotary cut ash, just as all the rest of the Flowerssori furniture, it is made exclusively with wood and glue with the lowest possible environmental impact and contains no trace of plastic or metal.

    Dimensions: 37cm x 32cm x 31cm

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    Flowerssori Room Divider

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    The modularity and flexibility of the Flowerssori products are such that certain configurations, by simply being turned, can fulfill different functions: here is the bench with a backrest that becomes a space divider!

    Once assembled, the Flowerssori stacking system is something more than a functional storage method. It is a separate and individual piece of Flowerssori furniture, which works as a room divider to create a new and aesthetically intriguing enhancement of the available space. The structures which may be obtained through the assemblage of the chairs and of the side tables/stools may be variously configured, according to both the aesthetic impact factor and the functional requirements which need to be met. These structures may become compact space dividers or they may be used to create strategic corners, to offer the children suggestions for play or invite them to look through the hole in the chairs, as if from a privileged vantage point, and describe the activities they see taking place on the other side.

    Space divider made of rotary cut veneered ash wood and beech, class “0” glue, PEFC and FSC forest management certification, 99% antibacterial coating.

    The diversity and uniqueness of colours are due to the rotary cut of the ash wood. The coating varnish, which complies with European standards, is stain and scratch resistant.