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Design e Arredamento per Bambini

Beauty engages the 5 senses. It helps our children grow. Picture an environment in which your children can learn better, focus more, and enhance their perceptual learning. Picture an environment where your children are free to grow without boundaries. That's what we at Flowerssori provide!

Making schools feel more like home! And vice-versa!

With just a few objects, you can create educational continuity between the classroom and your home. And what’s great is that these objects will accompany children for the rest of their lives.

Discover more!

Discover more!

Topping our list of priorities? Nature and quality

The life force of our creations flows from our commitment to protecting the environment, from the excellent workmanship of our products and the flair of Italian artistry. Discover the world through our designs, through the eyes of a child.

Click on our vast array of products below and discover Flowerssori’s designs!