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About us

About us

Flowerssori is an evolving project conceived by a team of architects with the dream of creating new spaces and environments for children, so that they may grow consciously independent and enhance their cognitive abilities.

The name comes from the synthesis of two words: flower, which we see as a metaphor for the child and for natural design, and Montessori, the woman whose method changed the rules of modern pedagogy.


This is our manifesto, the values, that is, that guide our research and the planning that results from that research.

We believe in the education to independencein “helping children to walk without help.”

We believe that the Montessori approach to education encapsulates the best way for the child to express his or her infinite capacities, thus accompanying the human being into maturity.

We believe in the industrial design and ingenuity that can modify matter following man’s needs but with a profound respect for both his roots and his future.

We believe in ecologal sustainabilty and especially in wood as a living element that can tell its story and stimulate the senses.

We believe in the sense of aesthetics that children naturally teach us with their innate ability to distinguish what is beautiful from what is less so.


Hans Kruger

Hans Kruger has been working for several years at aldo meucci ark. & partners, where he has developed valuable experience in multiple fields of planning and a special taste for technology, in terms of that sophisticated mix between function, simplicity and industry. In 2009 his Montessorian roots (Hans was born in Chiaravalle, only few houses drown from where Maria Montessori was born) began to translate into an architectural and design project. Flowerssori has developed the design side, while the architectural project, involving the best format for a real Chiaravalle-Montessori School, is being discussed in conferences worldwide- a real Montessori School. Hans is sole Administrator of Flowerssori Srl and in November 2013 he was elected Vice President of the Fondazione Chiaravalle Montessori.

Angelica Meucci

Angelica Meucci is an architect with experience in communication of architectural and design projects; she has presented the results of the Flowerssori research project at numerous international conferences (neuropsychiatry, pedagogy, and new technologies).

After having spent some years working at AMARKEP in Pisa, Angelica focused on developing the Flowerssori project with Hans.

Within the project, Angelica takes care of the communication aspects and works side by side with Hans at designing the line.

Aldo Meucci

Aldo Meucci started his career in architecture almost thirty years ago, graduating cum laude from the University of Florence. In the last few years years he has been planning research centres, banks, SPAs, resorts and museums both in Italy and abroad. Flowerssori is his latest enterprise. His taste for detail often leads him to suggest some elegant touch here and there that greatly contributes to the elegance of our designs.