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Bim Bum Bam: Flowerssori comes to Interni Bonetti, in Turin!

Bim Bum Bam: Flowerssori comes to Interni Bonetti, in Turin!
3 November 2015 flowerssori

Interni Bonetti is a space dedicated to art, design and beauty.

We met its curator, Renata Bonetti, on the net and we immediately fell in love with her.

Renata has created in Turin a window that looks out onto a young and effervescent world, with a strong eye for the essential in objects and a particular taste for the well-made product. We were welcomed in this unique and attractive space by Renata and her staff, who actually allowed us free range of her concept store for a few months so that the space was truly imbibed with the spirit of Flowerssori. This approach first surprised and then entirely won us over: Renata managed to present at its best our whole world and our approach to planning, allowing us both the space and the intimacy only a home can give.

To mark the beginning of the school year and the city returning to its ebullience, Interni Bonetti organised a special event called “Bim Bum Bam”, that gathered architects, journalists and important artists to celebrate its particular empathy with Flowerssori.

Other creative minds hailing from both Turin and the national and international scene were invited to show their proposals for children’s furniture and for planning spaces dedicated to the youngest members of our community. It was an evening that showcased the love for craftsmanship and simplicity as well as, of course, for children themselves.

This was not, however, only a very special event: Interni Bonetti helped us to understand that by presenting our project in this way we could break away from the pattern of the single product and instead communicate everything that lies behind that product. Flowerssori can in this way reach out to people in a much more concrete and pleasant fashion, communicating both the philosophy and the emotions that animate it.  Il contatto tra la persona e Flowerssori diventa quindi totalmente avvolgente, reale, pur comunicando concetto filosofici – CORRECT ITALIAN e legati alle emozioni.

Here are some photos we took at Bim Bum Bam and a video which also shows parts of an interview with Renata and with us. So, now you really can’t say you weren’t there yourselves!