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Seat and comfort in a single word: Flowerssori

Seat and comfort in a single word: Flowerssori

In these objects there is no trace of plastic or iron, only wood and glue at the lowest possible impact on the environment.

It takes eight quintals of wood to make the mold of these little chairs and all the finishings are executed entirely by hand. The peculiar technology which goes into the creation of these objects renders them extremely resistant and even earthquake proof.

At the same time they represent an evolution in terms of contemporary design by featuring an absolute novelty both at the functional and formal level: an extremely versatile and unique stacking system, which is a registered and patented design.

As unique pieces, each chair is numbered and marked with the year of production, the PEFC certification and the words Made in Italy.

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Stacking system

Ergonomic, aesthetics and function. Flowerssori’s patented stacking system

Once assembled, the Flowerssori stacking system is something more than a functional storage method which simply places the various elements one on top of the other.

More than merely a smart, simple way to stack up chairs – the Flowerssori stacking system becomes a unique piece of furniture, composed by chairs and stools which may be placed one on top of the other, so that also the child may safely build a four-layered “tower”.

It is a separate and individual piece of Flowerssori furniture, which, just like a séparé, creates a new and esthetically intriguing enhancement of the available space.

The structures which may be obtained may be variously configured, according to both the esthetic impact factor and the functional requirements which need to be met. They may become compact curtains which clearly separate the space or they may be used to create strategic corners, offer the children suggestions for play or invite them to look through the hole in the chairs, as if from a privileged vantage point.

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Let’s return nature to where we can feel it with our fingers

The elegance of their line combines perfectly with their functionality, as the four angular legs allow these objects to be lived and experienced by the child from all sides.

If required, the table may be placed next to other tables so as to create larger surfaces. Just as for Flowerssori chairs, the ergonomic element of the table has been developed so as to reflect the physical proportions of the children using the furniture and the different sizes have been created in such a way as to adapt to their growth.

These objects are exclusively made with woods and glues with the lowest possible environmental impact and contain no trace of metal or plastic. In other words, sustainability at the highest possible level!

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Bookshelves and chest of drawers

Perceiving light from a different angle and discovering new boundaries

Conceived for displaying and organizing pedagogical equipment, especially the Montessori one, they consist in two assembled pieces and can be set side by side so as to become a space separator. 

Flowerssori bookshelves are available both in the open and in the closed-back version. In the case of the closed back version, the back is a real wooden wall, so esthetically pleasing in itself that it can be seen as a beautiful decorative room divider.

As in all the other Flowerssori elements, the size of the bookshelves follow the child’s growth in terms of height.

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Dreams of nature and adventure to grow with!

In the design of beds and cots, Flowerssori has paid attention to some fundamental aspects with the usual attention to the extreme naturalness of materials: ash and beech, without any trace of metal. The first aspect is the low gravity center: only 20 cm from the ground. This means that the child is completely free to move and full autonomy. But also is led to a a sensory approach, given by the opportunity to gently support the tummy at the foot of the bed.

The second aspect is the creation of side holes that allow the mattress to transpire naturally. It is also easier to transport the cot from one point to another of the room.

But the real highlight of the beds Flowerssori is the extreme versatility, which led to the creation of the ” bed that grows with the child”. A path from zero to one hundred years, from the cradle up to the king-size bed, to accompany the lifelong growth of the individual.

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Details always make the difference!

The philosophy of the design that characterizes the entire Flowerssori line is enhanced by the proposals in furniture accessories.

Products that make their hallmark with the excellence of the materials used, the attention to detail and the original idea.

The concept of beauty permeates all of these articles; a beauty that is not an end in itself, but leads the child to the discovery, the exploration and the experimentation.

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