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Ecology and Sustainability

Ecology and Sustainability

Flowerssori has put the child at the core of its project and considers nature as a link between present and future.

It pursues an ecological approach, by respecting wood as a whole, maintaining open pore and knot.

Wood’s imperfection becomes its uniqueness, through which the nature of material expresses itself.











The particular bending of the objects accentuates the light reflected on their surface and stimulates sensory perception of the physical limit of shape and material.

Inside each single element there is no trace of iron or plastic, but only wood and glue to the lowest content of formaldehyde.

Ash wood, which forms the outer surface, is unrolled in a single sheet and has no seams, so to enhance its “history” and materiality.

Each Flowerssori element interprets the needs and pedagogical aspects of the educational world inspired by the Montessori Method, where ergonomics is not only a matter of shapes but it’s the child’s awareness of his relations with the world.











Our woods are carefully selected and come from PEFC certified European forests. In Europe, the PEFC certificate is founded on three basic principles: caring for the environment, respecting cultural rights and traditions, promoting economic sustainability and forestry. Flowerssori’s worldview is rooted in sustainability: we only employ woods and glues with the lowest environmental impact.











The ash, rolled out into a single leaf, has no joints, thus allowing the life itself of the tree to be projected onto a surface which forms a part of the daily life and consciousness of the child.

In Flowerssori the designed object comes to life through the work of the skilled hands of artisans who transform each piece into a unique exemplar. Made in Italy is synonymous with a high degree of technological expertise and elegance. Each detail is carefully considered from the start – from the design on paper to the mold – nothing is left to chance. No longer simply an object for everyday use, each piece of furniture becomes everyday a true sensory experience.

Flowerssori design is an invitation to action and expression through which the child will be able to feel and experience living nature.