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Flowerssori & Simonetta

Flowerssori & Simonetta
3 November 2015 flowerssori

There are few things through which Italy truly succeeds in creating an immediately recognizable identity for itself; two of these are design and fashion.

There is no better opportunity to create a perfect fusion between these than a photo shoot

Our “perfect opportunity” came last winter, as we were preparing our new catalogue. There were locations to be created, lifestyles we wished to portray and philosophies to be communicated: in this challenge we felt we had to speak mainly through the language of children and through attention to detail.

With these priorities in mind we looked for an Italian firm that could design and produce children’s clothes, and that shared our points of view.

In the end we found one that actually shared our same roots!

This is how our collaboration with Simonetta was born.

Simonetta Spa is a firm from the Marche region, founded in the first half of the 50s, whose headquarters are in Jesi, which means Simonetta is deeply familiar with Maria Montessori’s philosophy. The best of everything that is Italian runs in its veins.

At Simonetta the child comes before everything else, they have a strong taste for what is beautiful and an equally strong interest in quality: all of these have been key terms of our collaboration.

This has been a deeply fulfilling experience that has allowed us, in our catalogue, to capture scenes full of life and colour.

Have you seen our catalogue? You can download it here:

This is how Simonetta has described our initiative.

“A common idea, a common way of perceiving childhood, which is at the centre of our projects, in the way we both cut and tailor clothes and furniture to its specific sensibility and needs”.

This synergy has (but we know this is only the beginning) found its ideal showcase at one of the foremost events of Italian design: the Salone del Mobile.

On 13-19 April 2015, Simonetta showed in its flagship store in Milan its new collection side by side with our Montessori certified Flowerssori eco-furniture, with their concentrated blend of beauty and nature.

For Flowerssori this was the perfect opportunity to preview our freshly minted 2015 catalogue that starting from this year has found a new creative and functional potential for Flowerssori, which we see as the ideal furniture for children’s clothes stores. 

In other words, we are always ready to move forwards!