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Kit Pappa FeliceMente

Kit Pappa Flowerssori

Learning, playing and discovering at the table!
With the Kit Pappa, Flowerssori help the child do “do it himself”

Meal times are an important moment for all children. They can favour emotional development, as well as help develop cognitive and social skills. Eating is also an occasion for children to learn new rules, experiment with independence and learn to eat on their own.

This is why Flowerssori has created “FeliceMente”, a brand new project for children’s tableware (plates and mugs) (designed by Miriam Gardelli), that was conceived with the child at the centre of its whole concept. The “FeliceMente” line was created on the basis of the Montessorian philosophy of allowing children the freedom to explore and learn about the world around them through their own natural curiosity.










Maria Montessori believed that hands are the instrument of intelligence, and it is for this reason that we have planned FeliceMente as a set of objects with which the child can experiment, creating different possibilities and associating different colours, thus stimulating, first and foremost, their own creativity and imagination.

All products are made of fine porcelain, and are highly resistant as well as dishwasher, oven and microwave safe.

There are now 12 decors to choose from and (why not?) mix freely, all featuring different animal faces. The varnishes we have used are completely safe and very resistant.










The Kit Pappa’s most important characteristic, however, is that it helps coordination with daily exercises of self-control, self-correction and strength calibration. This way children naturally and spontaneously learns to pay attention to what they are handling.

Also, through the 4 dishes that compose the Kit Pappa, the child can, during his meal, separate first course, second course, vegetables and fruit. In this way any child who doesn’t like a certain food or part of a meal can leave it aside and continue eating the rest – something that doesn’t happen very often when the meal is served on a single plate where food tends to get mixed together!

The aspect of play is fundamental: as the child eats from the plate he slowly discovers the animal face painted on its bottom – a game that starts with an action repeated every day and ends in a smile.











Maria Montessori speaks of various materials used for the education of the senses as the basis for developing intelligence in children and as a guide for children’s organizing and classifying activities. All of these coordination activities help prepare the writing skills.

With “FeliceMente” children learn to distinguish forms and colours, to assemble pieces that have the same colour tones and to freely create new characters, following their imagination.

The movements are no longer casual and children develop, to use a Montessorian phrase, “error control”. The materials themselves guide their actions and encourage them to repeat these actions more correctly until success is achieved.

All pieces have been carefully planned and created in order to activate the response and interaction of the child as much as possible, as if to tell him: “Learn, play and discover, while you eat”.

This project was developed in collaboration with Miriam Gardelli (who graduated at Isia of Faenza), and promoted by Artex, during the competition Scenari di Innovazione X.

Our heartfelt thanks goes to Miriam, for having interpreted so accurately our guidelines and to the two souls of Artex, Sabrina Sganci and Katia Marzocchi, for having helped us so closely right up to this moment!