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The first Flowerssori private school!

The first Flowerssori private school!
20 October 2012 flowerssori
In Eventi, Scuola

It’s not by chance that the best Flowerssori stories involve the L’Abbraccio pre-school, located in Spicchio, Vinci (FI), the first Italian pre-school to be furnished with the Flowerssori collection.

In June of 2012 we met two educators, Valentina Amatucci and Simona Conti, during the delicate phase of planning their first pre-school.  A fantastic undertaking initiated by these two women with an optimistic eye on the future, impressed us self-employed partners to dream with them.

From the beginning of our dialog with Simona and Valentina a united vision of the importance of a child’s environment emerged. Together we envisioned a fantastic opportunity to apply educational indications that are a part of our history to the creative world of children.

With this understanding, L’abbraccio, a private educational school was created. It is authorized and accredited by the Commune of Vinci to educate children between the ages of 12 and 36 months.


Nido d’Infanzia L’Abbraccio – vista degli interni

The L’abbraccio pre-school puts children at the center of a wonderful world: warm, loving, welcoming and functional. Flowerssori was called upon to furnish this environment for children, where ergonomics and not just form, but the ability of the child to become aware of their relationships with the world that surrounds them. With this in mind “sensory” corners were created characterized by nature, design and education.

The attention given to themes connected to sustainability and ecology is very strong. Not only in the choice of furniture and accents is shared by the philosophy of Flowerssori reinforcing the importance of physical activity with a beautiful play yard. Also of importance is the choice to provide healthy biological 0 km food and art in the learning lab that recalls natural surroundings.


Nido d’Infanzia L’Abbraccio – scorcio di vita quotidiana

An important aspect of the educational pathway the teachers at L’Abbraccio created is a way to build through attention to a central focus: continuous educational service in the family.

Parents become integral participants inside the pre-school, helping in the learning lab, with activities and parties that allows them to be involved with the children and teachers.

Flexibility, exploration, discovery and respect for personal individual rhythms are the key words.

Nido d’Infanzia L’Abbraccio - i mobili come aiuto alla didattica

Nido d’Infanzia L’Abbraccio – i mobili come aiuto alla didattica



Nido d’Infanzia L’Abbraccio – vista degli interni

L’Abbraccio organizes each day based on the children’s needs keeping in mind their rhythms while integrating daily activities that satisfy their primary needs (nutrition, rest, cleanliness and affection) with free play time and structured activities. This method favors the physiological development of the children encouraging them to be more aware and independent.


Nido d’Infanzia L’Abbraccio – vista degli interni

The activities in the pre-school are the following:

  • psychomotor function
  • music
  • reading and drama
  • symbolic games
  • graphic, art and drawing
  • transfer

held in afternoon classes with professionists and educators, competent in methodologies matters for Art Therapy.


Nido d’Infanzia L’Abbraccio – il gioco simbolico

The following is an example of their intense program:

“FROM THE BELLY ON…… colored cuddles, musical cuddles and dance cuddles”

Six meetings divided as follows:

  • Parental life and the adventure a baby travels to be born or in this case to be re-born through games that involve the body, music, and color.  (Monica Palmieri and Music Art Therapy within the Global Language)
  • Sound and melody that accompany a child on their adventure of discovery and relationships. (Luigi Mattiello , Music Therapy)
  • The  “Family Body” and the importance of play time and contact with children through games and creative movement.  (Serena Ademollo and DanceMovement Therapy).

Nido d’Infanzia L’Abbraccio – dettaglio