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Our Values

Naturally Made in Italy

The infinite care with which the project Flowerssori was conceived, is amplified by Italian craftsmen who shape wood following the creative genius, the advanced technology and the taste for beauty. Their ability is so brazenly natural and refined, to make us aware that the real advantage of the made in Italy is indeed the good, the beautiful and well done, but it is mainly the total immersion in the beauty, history and culture. These are the factors that refine minds, hands and the perception of beauty, in a completely spontaneous way. This is made in Italy and here comes Flowerssori.

Winners of the ADI Design Award

Iron and plastic? No thanks!

Even the glues used are very low in formaldehyde for an extremely high ecological proposal.

Moreover, all the elements of the Flowerssori line are 99% antibacterial finishing and have been certified by CATAS (centre for research, development and laboratory test in the wood furniture field) of San Giovanni al Natisone (UD-I) in accordance with the latest European standards regarding school furniture (UNI EN 1729-1, UNI EN 1729-2, UNI EN 14434, UNI 4856).

The magic of nature shows itself only once a year.

Seasons guide our time of choice and cut of wood.

In fact, we cut beech and ash only in October, because it is at that time of the year that the wood has nuances of gold and silver that find themselves melted in a unique and inimitable surface.

We welcome this magical witness replicating in two dimensions the three-dimensional history of these trees; you have all this in your hands.

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A mix of technology.
In absolute simplicity.

Nothing is left to chance and everything starts from a careful study of ergonomics.

The curved parts were specially designed for the child to lean over the tummy when he is tired.

The legs of the table and of the chairs are curved inwardly to facilitate the movement actions of the baby.

Tables, chairs, stools and furniture have a double color of the wood to enhance the three-dimensional concept and turn it into an immediate and understandable perception.

Everything is designed for the relaxation of the child; the more the child is concentrated, the higher will be its level of learning.

Certification of the Fondazione Chiaravalle Montessori.

What makes Flowerssori a unique proposal on the market is not only the entirely made in Italy soul, the totally ecological and natural approach and the complex ergonomics of the full-range of its products. The main value of it consists especially in the certification of the Chiaravalle Montessori Foundation, which was obtained thanks to the close and long collaboration with the Foundation itself.

The International Montessori Centre of Perugia has joined soon this beautiful synergy, giving its contribution to the planning of some products and officially presenting the Flowerssori project to the international school and design press. The presentation as taken place in one of the most prestigious univeristies of Italy, such as the Foreigners University of Perugia, and has been sttrongly wanted and organized by Prof. Luciano Mazzetti, President of the International Montessori Center and known worldwide as one of the leading experts of Montessori.

These are the factors that concour into an absolutely unique, valuable, educational and scientifically studied product, conceived for the consciously independent growth of our children.

The Montessori Philosophy

The interest in the Montessori Method comes from our roots in Chiaravalle, the town of Maria Montessori, and from a genuine passion for her philosophy. As architects, however, our vocation naturally attracted us to those aspects of the Montessori pedagogy most related to our profession.

From here we discovered that there existed a gap in the production of children’s furniture. On one hand, the Montessori furniture companies in recent decades have stopped researching and developing the fields of ergonomics and aesthetics. On the other hand, the major brands of children furniture have done nothing but scale down what had been conceived for adults. The Montessori furniture proposed by Flowerssori brings all the benefits of Maria Montessori’s method, blending it with a refined and aesthetically modern style in design.

The child at the center of the world

Ours is a small revolution: to bring adults down to the same height as children!

Since it is so important that the whole environment that surrounds the child should be designed to fit his size, we have to ask the parent to take a crucial first step. We call it a revolution because we believe in a cultural change; let’s get rid of the high chairs, in which the child is trapped and unable to move and interact freely. Let’s get rid of beds with bars that prevent children from independently managing their time for sleep and make them dependent on adults.

Our tables and chairs are designed also to accommodate adults; you will see that at “child height” a different world may be perceived, a world that is not only more playful but also more educational, where your child is consciously independent and truly takes centre stage.

Uniqueness involves waiting and respecting the time.

One fundamental aspect of the Montessori Method is the uniqueness of the object, as a means to teach the child to know how to wait and learn to respect the passage of time.

The same concept has been taken up by Flowerssori through the use of ash cut only once a year and in a single sheet so as to guarantee the absolute uniqueness of the object that is made from it.


The hands: the instrument of human intelligence.

Hands are the most powerful means through which the child discovers environments, objects and the experiences that surround him. This is why Flowerssori’s proposal is 100% ecological; we want to offer something that is interesting, full of life and fascinating to discover.

No other material combines all these features as well as wood. Flowerssori is 100 % environmentally friendly, because we use PEFC certified woods, glue with the lowest possible formaldehyde content, and are adamant that there should be no trace of plastic or iron in our furniture, which are moreover easy to be disposed of.

Beauty as harmony.

Maria Montessori believed that children have an innate ability to appreciate beautiful things and that they tend to learn more easily in an aesthetically pleasing and stimulating environment, rather than in a dull and standard one. We pay meticulous attention to our furniture and accessories, because we want the child (and his parents) to be trained to perceive the value and the aesthetic meaning of things. An ability that is instinctive from a very early age.