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    Kit Pappa

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    Time to eat and experiment.

    Time to eat and experiment.

    There are few moments in the daily life of a child such as mealtimes. The family meets around the table, the ritual of food takes place and everybody shares the events of their day... How could we not wish to play our part in all this?

    Enter the Flowerssori Kit Pappa, whose name says it all: FeliceMente, which is Italian for Happy Mind… and Happily!

    5 elements of fine porcelain, extremely durable and practical (it goes in the oven, the microwave, the fridge and the dishwasher). 12 fantastic and unusual animal faces to make the experience of food something that children will live with both concentration and serenity.

    Dividing the food by type (pasta, protein, vegetables, fruit, or first course, side dishes and fruit) children will learn to distinguish flavours: an action that they enjoy very much! Have you already discovered that?

    In this way, if the child doesn’t like one type of food, he won’t refuse all his meal but simply leave this particular food aside, and continue eating the rest. Easy, fun and beautiful: FeliceMente!

    A project developed in collaboration with Miriam Gardelli (Isia of Faenza), promoted by Artex (Scenari di Innovazione X). Select the animals and then click on "add to cart" to proceed.
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    FeliceMente Dinner Tray

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    Shape-sorting at the dinner table! A natural surface in wood that teaches your child to set the table: the very reason for FeliceMente Dinner Tray's existence. The perfectly outlined shapes on the dinner tray help your child to position correctly the objects that feature on the dinner table (dishes, cutlery, glasses). According to the Montessori Teaching Method, there is only one solution, meaning your child is secretly guided to perfectly match each object to its shape. He feels reassured when he gets it right. With the FeliceMente Dinner Tray, your child can set the table perfectly, by himself and in total independence. All he needs now is his yummy food! The tray is made of slats in laser-cut beechwood. It is PEFC and FSC certified. The surface is food-safe. The back can be used as a cutting board. DIMENSIONS: 35 cm x 31 cm x 1.5 cm
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    Soft as a mother's touch. Environmentally-friendly. Heavenly. Woven in the age-old tradition of our grandmothers! Eco_NANNE features blankets and throws for baby. Eco_NANNE is a textile design project, inspired by the home-spun culture of Friuli-Venezia Giulia. Eco_NANNE is a small collection, created by traditional hand looms that offset the innovative and modern materials used. A collection that stands for both materials and culture, goodness and life. We chose to use only natural and organic fibres because we want to be a part of baby's sensory journey, of his natural development. Each product stimulates one of the senses. Slowly, step by step, baby's eyes are opened to the world, without losing sight of the warmth of nature, of our origins. Eco_NANNE was designed especially for Flowerssori by "Noi…dell'arte". It is part of a project known as TRAMà. Textile designers: Flavia Caffi and Antonella Pizzolongo. Eco-NININE: organic cotton and lambswool SIZE: 70 x 90 cm Eco-NINI: lambswool and organic cotton SIZE: 100 x 140 cm
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    Flowerssori Chair (cat. 0)

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    Nature, fluidity of forms and ergonomics.

    This Flowerssori chair has been designed for children between 0 and 3 years old: it has certain qualities that make it truly different from the alternatives on the market. Made exclusively from wood and using formaldehyde-free glue, this chair allows the child to be supported during his first movements. Its curve allows the child to slide down gently, thus gaining the correct posture. The side handles allow the child greater stability, until motion control and balance are not perfected. The Flowerssori chairs perfectly interpret the needs and pedagogical aspects of the Montessori environment, simultaneously producing a contemporary evolution of its design.

    Dimensions: 30cm x 33cm x 43cm. H seat: 21cm

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    Flowerssori Table (cat. 0)

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    A story of life

    Have you ever considered the fact that the first approach of a child to his table is not from above, but from below? Think about how you as a child spent endless mealtimes down there... It was there that you dreamed up worlds and recreated your comfort zone following your imagination. That's why it is so important that this table should be almost more beautiful below than above.

    Here the olive ash wood, rotary cut in a single sheet, leads the child right inside the tree trunk and teaches him how old that object actually, how much history and how much life it brings with itself. A natural education to attention and respect. Without any sharp corners or potential sources of danger.

    Dimensions: 110cm x 60 cm x 40 cm altezze_eng
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    Flowerssori Small Table

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    A modular element that can be placed side by side in a row!

    It takes a mould weighing 800 kilograms to produce contemporarily the seat of a Flowerssori chair and this element; an extremely versatile piece, here shown in its variant as small table. The Flowerssori small table is therefore physically born at the same time as the Flowerssori chair and its peculiarity is that it is a modular element. These tables are shaped so that they may be placed side by side or assembled should the need to augment the children’s work surface arise.

    Dimensions: 37cm x 32cm x 31cm
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    Flowerssori Openback Bookshelf (cat.0)

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    Using light and nature as a tool of design

    Light reflects on the curves of this unique bookshelf in such a way that the edges become visible, though just perceptible. All of the child’s senses become involved in a game suggested by the tangible reality of nature. Moreover, when the child is asked to clean the surface, the sensation he will feel under his fingers will be of that of a living material that has been fashioned into a dynamic and unusual shape.

    Dimensions: 92cm x 45cm x 56cm. altezze_eng
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    Flowerssori Closedback Bookshelf (cat.0)

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    Nature and sensoriality as infinite resources

    The Bookshelves of the Flowerssori line have been studied as elements which significantly impact on the layout of the environment, while maintaining intact both functionality and simplicity. The back is an actual wall made of wood, so aesthetically pleasing in itself that it may be seen as a beautiful decorative room divider. Light reflects on the curves of this unique bookshelf in such a way that the edges become visible, though just perceptible. All of the child’s senses are involved in a game suggested by the tangible reality of nature.

    Dimensions: 92cm x 45cm x 56cm. altezze_eng
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    Flowerssori Chest of Drawers (cat.0)

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    Craftmanship, pedagogy and aesthetic: the perfect formula An extraordinarily high degree of craftsmanship goes into the production of these objects, which makes them unique. Simple, functional and beautiful, they reinstate a recently neglected element of children’s furniture: drawers. Drawers are fundamental in the Montessori Method as they help the child exert his/her memory to remember the exact location of various objects. Dimensions: 92cm x 45cm x 56cm. altezze_eng
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    Montessori Small Bed

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    An unexpectedly smooth rise Flowerssori bed cat.0 has been conceived to allow children to move independently: its limited height, below 20 cm, enables even the youngest children to perceive the object as easily accessible from all sides. Children may also tenderly lean on the curved part at the foot of the bed, which also favors a sensory approach to the objects. Dimensions: 110cm x 60cm x 34cm. H mattress from ground: 20cm.
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    Flowerssori Cradle


    A footboard, a head board and two side panels which look like a cat’s face connect to a foundation module through linking elements made of leather and wood. This cradle is easy to assemble and is made entirely of natural renewable substances, to embody the idea of a dynamic future, and growth.

    The cradle is the first design element to enter the new family.

    This cradle, which resembles a flower already shares the elements of the Flowerssori bed that grows gradually with your child.

    By removing the foot board, the cradle turns into a versatile small sofa, where the child can find a comfortable corner in which to read and rest: from 0 to 100 years!

    DIMENSIONS: 72cm x 110cm. H from ground up (no mattress): 30cm

    Transpiring, fireproof mattress included, H.5cm.

    The mattress has removable lining and is machine washable.

    Made in Italy by Falomo Srl.

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    “Cup” for Kit Pappa

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    A cup that never takes its eyes off you!

    Twelve sets of eyes that stare with interest… But whose eyes are they?! Choose the cup you like the most for your child’s “Kit Pappa” and create a unique and special set! Twelve variations, an infinite number of ways to personalise your child’s “Kit Pappa”!

    Can be washed in the dishwasher, and put in the fridge, microwave and even the oven.

    12 FINE DECORATIONS IN POLISH PORCELAIN: zebra, fox, badger, raccoon, fish, sheep, bear, cow, giraffe, horse, rabbit, lamb.