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    Flowerssori Chair (cat. 0)

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    Nature, fluidity of forms and ergonomics.

    This Flowerssori chair has been designed for children between 0 and 3 years old: it has certain qualities that make it truly different from the alternatives on the market. Made exclusively from wood and using formaldehyde-free glue, this chair allows the child to be supported during his first movements. Its curve allows the child to slide down gently, thus gaining the correct posture. The side handles allow the child greater stability, until motion control and balance are not perfected. The Flowerssori chairs perfectly interpret the needs and pedagogical aspects of the Montessori environment, simultaneously producing a contemporary evolution of its design.

    Dimensions: 30cm x 33cm x 43cm. H seat: 21cm

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    Flowerssori Chair (cat. 2)

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    Let’s start thinking again from the children’s point of view!

    Flowerssori chairs have been conceived so as to be light, functional, and beautiful. This is a product authentically made for children, characterized by a delicate and sophisticated design whose uniqueness on the market consists in its not being a simple “scaling down” of furniture designed for adults. It takes 800 kilograms of wood to make the mould of these little chairs and all of the finishings are executed entirely by hand. The special technology that goes into the creation of these objects renders them extremely resistant

    Dimensions: 32cm x 38cm x 62cm. H seat: 31cm altezze_eng
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    Flowerssori Stool

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    A stool that is also part of bench. Or part of a tunnel. Or a game!

    It takes a mould weighing 800 kilograms to produce contemporarily the seat of a Flowerssori chair and this unique element. Thanks to the way it is moulded it may be placed next to similar elements, thereby forming a bench. Constructed out of a single leaf of olive-coloured rotary cut ash, just as all the rest of the Flowerssori furniture, it is made exclusively with wood and glue with the lowest possible environmental impact and contains no trace of plastic or metal.

    Dimensions: 37cm x 32cm x 31cm
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    Flowerssori Bench with backrest

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    The added value of a project of furniture for children is that its characterising elements, if rotated, can become other objects and create new functions.

    This is how the Flowerssori bench with backrest was born!

    By simply stacking the chairs through our stacking system and then rotating it on its base, you easily obtain a comfortable, stable and ergonomic bench.

    The obvious result is that no precious portion of space is sacrificed by being turned into a chair-stocking area – the chairs may actually be stacked even more compactly, to the point that twice as many chairs and side tables/stools may be placed in exactly the same space. In fact, with exactly the same number of Flowerssori pieces you can furnish different spaces in a dynamic and versatile fashion.

    BENCH WITH BACKREST CAT 2 made of rotary cut veneered ash wood and beech, class “0” glue, PEFC and FSC forest management certification, 99% antibacterial coating.

    The diversity and uniqueness of the colours are due to the rotary cut of the ash wood. The coating, which is compliant with European standards, is stain and scratch resistant.

    Dimensions: 60cm x 33cm x 45cm. H seat: 23cm