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    Flowerssori Table (cat. 0)

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    A story of life

    Have you ever considered the fact that the first approach of a child to his table is not from above, but from below? Think about how you as a child spent endless mealtimes down there... It was there that you dreamed up worlds and recreated your comfort zone following your imagination. That's why it is so important that this table should be almost more beautiful below than above.

    Here the olive ash wood, rotary cut in a single sheet, leads the child right inside the tree trunk and teaches him how old that object actually, how much history and how much life it brings with itself. A natural education to attention and respect. Without any sharp corners or potential sources of danger.

    Dimensions: 110cm x 60 cm x 40 cm altezze_eng
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    Flowerssori Table (cat. 2)

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    Let’s put nature back where we can feel it with our fingers

    The most distinguishable formal feature in Flowerssori tables is their clear-cut lines and formal simplicity. The beauty of the material, white ash rolled out into a single leaf, is exalted by the shape of the object, allowing light to engrave upon it the sensorial perception of its physical limit. The table is composed of a single element, a perfectly horizontal top which curves inward at its extremities. This becomes a base against which the child’s back may rest if s/he sits at the short side of the table, this bodily contact also favouring a precious encounter with the material substance of the wood.

    Dimensions: 110cm x 60 cm x 53 cm altezze_eng
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    Flowerssori Small Table

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    A modular element that can be placed side by side in a row!

    It takes a mould weighing 800 kilograms to produce contemporarily the seat of a Flowerssori chair and this element; an extremely versatile piece, here shown in its variant as small table. The Flowerssori small table is therefore physically born at the same time as the Flowerssori chair and its peculiarity is that it is a modular element. These tables are shaped so that they may be placed side by side or assembled should the need to augment the children’s work surface arise.

    Dimensions: 37cm x 32cm x 31cm