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“Ears” for Kit Pappa

“Ears” for Kit Pappa


The ears of “Kit Pappa” are the most interactive part!

Children show us how their little animals are happy and alert or sad and glum, depending on where they place their ears (high on their head or low, at eye-level). The ears are the easiest part to move in this wonderful porcelain set for children. Collect all 12 versions!

Can be washed in the dishwasher, and put in the fridge, microwave and even the oven.

12 FINE DECORATIONS IN POLISH PORCELAIN: zebra, fox, badger, raccoon, fish, sheep, bear, cow, giraffe, horse, rabbit, lamb.


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Badger, Bear, Cow, Fish, Fox, Giraffe, Horse, Lamb, Rabbit, Raccon, Sheep, Zebra