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3 November 2015 flowerssori

To pursue a project such as Flowerssori leads you quite naturally to develop certain fixations, such as seeking out others who have made craft – in the truest and most profound sense of the term – their life.

Hands, head, heart. Roots, but also the big picture, healthy madness. Perfectionism, Knowledge, sensibility.

All these characteristics are often associated with craftsmanship, and just as often with exceptional quality. In this case they also are synonymous with Made in Italy, in fact, Made in Friuli!

A few years ago we met weavers of exceptional artistry, with whom we felt immediate empathy. Some time later their project for Flowerssori, called TRAMà, saw the light.

Here is how they describe their work!

“TRAMà… means to weave stories out of the textile tradition of Friuli. It means the memory of each single thread, that, just like nature, works its magic without contamination, pure, essential as always in the past. The intertwining of matter and culture evokes, through its simple weaves in natural materials, an harmonic mixture of purity and life, that fits in perfectly with the Flowerssori philosophy,

The expression of an aesthetic and functional research involving both design and sustainability becomes tangible through a project that evokes tradition, without leaving anything, even the smallest detail, to chance: from the choice of technique to the tactile sensation the material yields right down to its physical and practical characteristics.

We exclusively use simple organic materials to weave what we like to describe as a sensorial narrative that accompanies the child throughout his development.

The aim is to bring back to the child the feeling of real wool and cotton and of the pure tactile and olfactory sensations these materials offer.

In time, this experience will be enriched by that of sight and taste, without losing any of its authenticity, because none of our materials are chemically treated.

Organic wool and cotton allow us to create textiles of different weight, which maintain the typical physical characteristics of these simple materials. Wool breathes and holds in humidity, it releases warmth and keeps the body’s temperature constant. Fresh cotton is mixed to it, obtaining, through this natural synergy, the advantages of both materials.

In this project the Made in Italy trademark truly displays its excellence and uniqueness, in the way the textiles are woven through the use of hand looms, which are both a fragment of our history and clocks marking the inexorable passage of time. Traditional weaves thus acquire modern textures. The result is a line of unique and numbered pieces, limited edition materials that mark the personal story of a child, enveloping him, through the five senses, in a warm and natural embrace. 

The research behind Eco_NINNE e Eco_TAULE takes a bird’s eye view of our land of Friuli and of its traditions of domesticity and material culture. What was therefore in the past a natural exigency, hand weaving, is now revalued as the unmistakeable mark of a sensory experience that is truly different and unique for each piece”. 

Soon in our Shop!!

Stay tuned 🙂